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Placing down serious power with every pedal stroke, the Northwave Men's Ghost XCM Cycling Shoe gives XC die-hards the efficiency desired for blowing past the competition on race day and besting their PRs on the local trails. The Ghost XCM owes its pedaling efficiency to the Carbon XC 12 sole, complete with a full carbon insert underneath the cleats for extraordinary power transfer every time you turn the cranks. Not only that, but Northwave's Xframe construction precisely wrap around your foot with minimal slop, thanks to its multi-layer construction designed to fit like a glove, but without pressure points sapping your comfort while racing and training. Looking beyond the Ghost XCM's powerful pedaling, the SLW2 closure system gives you total control over the upper's tightness with the simple twist of dial. One of its best features is the ability to loosen the uppers in small increments, which is nice if you crank the dial too tightly and need to back things off just a bit. And when it's time to kick your shoes off after a long ride, the entire thing loosens with the pull of a single trigger, which is nearly effortless and takes only a split-second to initiate.

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