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Northwave Extreme Pro Shoes 2019The difference between loosing and winning can come to a decisive competitive edge that can come from the slightest of marginal gains. When it comes to maximum power output and efficient pedaling you'll want to look at your shoes, which are the most important point of contact between you and your bike. The drive for performance and desire to innovate has characterized Northwave's approach to high-end cycling shoes for 25 years, and with the Extreme Pro, the new top-end road shoes of Northwave's 2019 collection, brings in the best of its breakthrough technological solutions on its highest-performing shoes ever.The Northwave Extreme Pro Shoes 2019 features the all-new XFrame 2(R), which retains all the same cool features that put the first-generation XFrame(R) in a class of its own, like plastic inserts replaced with soft tapes, and the soft, flexible Dyneema cable that naturally conforms to the shape of each foot. This allows the Extreme Pro shoes to offer the perfect fit for any kind of foot and is ideal for power transmission. With the Powershape carbon 15 outsole, you'll find yourself pedaling away from the field with a more efficient and smoother pedal stroke.FeaturesXframe2 eliminates pressure points on the upper while providing the snuggest and most even fit.Powershape carbon 15 outsole for maximum possible stiffnessDouble SLW2 dial allow riders to tighten the fit around the instep and forefoot to different degrees for custom-fit adjustability and even finer adaptability.US - MenEUROUS - Women7.5408.5840.598.5419.5941.5109.54210.51042.51110.54311.510.7543.511.751144 | Northwave Extreme Pro Shoes 2019 Men's Size 38 in Black

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