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Nordica Speedmachine 130 Ski Boots - Men's: The Speedmachine 130 delivers top of the line all mountain performance, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store for you. With its fully customizable Infrared TriForce shell and 3D cork fit liner design the Speedmachine delivers high performance and precision without sacrificing comfort. This boot was built to take on anything you or the mountain can throw at it. Powerful, comfortable and fun. Last - 100 Flex - 130 Liner type/style: 3D CORK FIT - PRIMALOFTA(R) Technologies: TRI-FIT TECHNOLOGY - POWER DRIVER - WEATHER SHIELD - INFRARED CUSTOMIZABLE soles: HIGH TRACTION DUAL DENSITY PU THE PERFECT BALANCE OF PERFORMANCE, MODERN TECHNOLOGY, AND TIMELESS DESIGN Creating beautiful products that are as simple and pure as they are functional has always been our goal at Nordica. We designed the Speedmachine as a collection of boots, with unparalleled fit, performance and customizable capabilities that we are now at a compelling beginning, where modern boot technology is truly improving the on mountain experience. 100% CUSTOMIZABLE MODERN, LIGHT, 100% CUSTOMIZABLE Tri-Fit Customization is the next level in truly personalizing ski boots. By focusing on the shell, the liner and the key hardware components, we were able to create an easy to use technology that seamlessly and comfortably connects the foot with the liner and shell. The key to unlocking this technology is our Infrared Shell Customization Heating Element used in conjunction with our Nordica Custom Cork Liner system and oven. These two technologies allow 100% customization of both the liner and boot shell only in the areas where it's needed to achieve to the perfect fitting ski boot. LINER CUSTOMIZATION CUSTOM CORK FIT TECHNOLOGY CUSTOMIZABLE LINER FOR PERFECT FIT Engineered with the combination of a natural cork compound and a premolded 3D laminate, our Custom Cork Liners create the perfect balance of comfort and performance while being completely customizable. COMPONENTS HAND WORK MADE EASY To make hand work and traditional boot fitting methods such as punching a grinding as easy as possible we use removable hardware components and PU plastic wherever possible. ** Editors Choice Top 11 Ski Boots for 2017** Modification is the name of the game with the brand-new Speedmachine 130. Nordica's customizable liner utilizes cork, a natural insulator that's also dense to ensure premium power transmission. This 130-flexer's shell is fully customizable through the use of Nordica's infrared heating lamp: The shell is heated at a safe, predefined temperature from the inside out and then manipulated using suction cup tools to remove pressure points. This prevents the molding process from damaging the shell while also ensuring a permanent shaping of the plastic to your foot. Lastly, Nordica built the boot with removable buckles, power straps, canting and cuff components to allow your bootfitter to punch and grind with the utmost ease.

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