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Buy It Now! | Nitro Snowboard Bindings > The Nitro Zero Snowboard Bindings are all about bringing straight forward performance to your setup. The icon of Nitro bindings, the Zero features an ASYM Zero highback, premium straps, and an ultra-secure boot/binidng connection. Seriously comfortable and insanely responsive, the Nitro Zero Bindings are a team favorite for a reason, a perfect all-board, all-terrain binding you can count on turn after turn, slash after slash. B.E.S.T. Convertible Toe Strap No matter if you like your toe strap to run over the top and in front of your boot, Nitro's toe strap fits seamless to every boot and provides you with a secure and snug fit. 2 x 4 Mini Disc with Angle Lock Smaller in foot print and with less impact on the boards natural flex, Nitro's mini disk sets the standard in disk functionality. The new snap feature lets you choose and lock in your binding angle before you mount your bindings - set it once, never lose it again! Asym Zero Highback Air Dampening The lightest shock absorbing technology on the planet sucks up hard landings and keeps your heels from getting bruised. This noticeable difference in ride and comfort does not miss any response and control. Flex Rating 6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) | Nitro Zero Snowboard Bindings 2020

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