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Buy It Now! | Nitro Splitboards > If a space genie crawled out of your coffee mug, shoved a crayon in your hands, and forced you to draw a snowboard on the wall in one try in order to save Earth from the eye-eaters of planet Zargulon, just think of the Nitro The Quiver Slash Splitboard and you'll be a hero to all humankind. No funky shapes or whacky wobbly bits, it could only be a snowboard. And surprise surprise: it rips exactly like it should. Fans of style, speed, and aggressive arcs all love this thing. Join them on the skin track and go get some! Flex Rating 7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) Power Core Power Core uses tip-to-tail poplar wood that provides lightweight strength and the perfect blend of flex, response, and feel. Sintered Speed Formula HD Base Nitro utilizes a new base material compound to achieve higher abrasion resistance, increased wax absorption, and higher on-snow speeds. Tr | Nitro The Quiver Slash Splitboard 2022 - 156

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