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Seeing as how the Nitro team has been known to dabble in everything from pow to park to big mountain, it should be no surprise that the Team Snowboard Binding was built to do a little bit of everything, too. It also has a medium-stiff flex that's supportive enough for big jumps and fast runs, yet is flexible enough to jib with, which explains why it's the go-to choice for Nitro team riders of every riding style. The highly responsive Stealth Air Base Frame provides the precision needed to slay everywhere from park to peak with confidence, and the Asym Jet highback cradles your boot for seamless comfort and response. Lightweight Air Dampening soaks up chatter from choppy snow and absorbs shock to prevent bruised heels when you overshoot a jump, and the canted footbed aligns your leg joints naturally, resulting in less fatigue and greater comfort. Board Saver tech not only makes the ride smoother, but actually protects your board from stress fractures so your deck lasts longer. Vibram provided their stick Xstrek rubber for the UberGrip toe strap to keep your boot pulled into the heelcup all day long, no matter how hard you stomp your landing or if it's wet or freezing. And the 3D thermoform padding and internal 3D spine of the Premium Comfort ankle strap delivers response and performance while foam dampening furthers your comfort.

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