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If the weatherman turns out to be wrong again, and it's more like two inches instead of two feet, adapt to the measly accumulation by taking to the groomers with the Nitro Squash Snowboard and tear that corduroy a new one. Rocking a True Camber profile that'll bring old-school power to your ride, as well as a smile to your face, the Squash is made for going fast, railing turns, and stacking up some serious knuckle-dragging G-forces. But when you're not making every other person on the mountain feel slow, the Squash's swallowtail and slightly set back shape ups the surf-stoke and helps keep the fatty nose above the pow, so while your homies are stuck and postholing out of the flats, you'll be pitching snowballs and laughing from the lift heading up to claim seconds.

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