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The Nitro Quiver Fintwin breaks the norm on regular powder shapes and is designed to slay low angle powder and help you carve stylish turns on groomers. Sporting a mid-wide waist width and a shortened length, the Fintwin offers the same stability as your normal powder board while allowing you to navigate tight tree areas and slash fresh snow quickly from toeside to heelside. Starting off with the medium-stiff flex, the Fintwin offers quick response while not being too stiff to give a surfy feel. The CamOut profile puts a poppy camber section between the contact points, and rocker on the tip and tail. This creates a powerful and stable platform for railing turns on groomers with the float and forgiveness of rocker to help in deep snow. Nitro added the Powercore, consisting of poplar wood for lightweight strength, while the Bi-Lite laminate makes it easy to manipulate. To finish off this short pow ripper, a sintered Speed Fomula II base adds durability and keeps you cruising fast in any snow condition.

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