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Designed with a Cam-Out camber profile, responsive flex, and fast base, the Nitro Magnum Snowboardis an all-mountain charger built for big dudes who like to ride fast. The extra-wide shape accommodates boarders with big boots, while a progressive sidecut makes turns easy to initiate and offers rocket-powered exits. The Magnum is more than just proven technology wrapped in snappy graphics. It begins with Nitro's Cam-Out camber, putting powerful and snappy camber between the contact points, with rockered tips for added float and forgiveness. The Powerlite wood core made with its highest-grade poplar to reduce weight and add strength. The directional shape and progressive sidecut make carving predictable and controlled. The Magnum also consists of a medium-stiff flex, which is powerful and responsive for big guys who ride hard. For the finishing touch, the Magnum gets the Speed Formula HD Base, a compound that combines high abrasion-resistance, higher wax absorption, and ridiculous on-snow speeds.

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