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Buy It Now! | Nitro Snowboard Boots > The Nitro Anthem TLS Snowboard Boots check all of the boxes. Comfortable, responsive, and durable, these staple pieces work for seasons to come. Made with all the tech you need, and nothing you don't, these boots offer up goods like insanely comfortable footbeds, protective liners for temp drops, and moldable ankle support. TLS 5 Twin Lacing System Easy lace engagement and release combined with the low abrasion of Dyneema laces are key features of this highly reliable zonal lacing system. TLS 5 is also compact and low weight while maintaining the proven reliability of thousands of days on the mountain. If needed, servicing and replacing parts is easier than any other system on the market. New EVA Outsole Anatomical Footbed Flex Rating 6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) ILS Liner Lacing The ILS system uses a lacing harness to snugly wrap around the liner and secure it in the shell for a precise fit. Engineered ILS laces provide less friction and have a Dyneema | Nitro Anthem TLS Snowboard Boots 2020

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