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Keep this necklace close, especially if you suspect that a Niffler could be near! If you're anything like us, then you most likely find those magical black furry creatures (better known as Nifflers) to be totally adorable. They have a long snout and large bellies where a little pouch can be found. Newt Scamander found out that this pouch is where Nifflers hide their most favorite things, AKA anything that sparkles! These cute little critters unfortunately don't make great pets because they can't keep their tiny paws off of anything that shines! So, if you happen to purchase this officially licensed Newt Scamander Monogram Pendant Pin, try your best to keep it out of plain sight when it's not being worn around your neck! You have no idea how much one of those chubby beasts would love to snatch up necklace up and make it disappear into their pouch. But really, could you blame a Niffler for trying to purloin this pretty pendant? We didn't think so!

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