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Product Condition The Momentum Climbing Shoe - Kids is in Good condition This item was previously owned for a little over a month The following observations were made regarding this itemMissing the tags and packgingThere are no rips or tearsThe soles are slightly dirty from being tried on onceAll items are sold as is All warranties are VOIDSize Kids Unisex 40Color Envy GreenRetail Cost 5995Its hard for children to focus in climbing school when their feet feel as scrunched as a ballerinas Black Diamonds Momentum Climbing Shoe balances comfort with performance so they can learn how to climb comfortably Most climbing shoes opt for leather or synthetic leather uppers to keep durable throughout their rocky adventures Black Diamond on the other hand made this shoes upper out of a unique knit that enhances breathability without hindering overall durability This enhanced breathability also decreases the foul smells that standard leather climbing shoes excrete in your car closet or wherever you store their climbing shoes Since this isnt a leather or synthetic leather climbing shoe the Momentum shouldnt stretch as much as usual climbing shoes and if this is their first pair of climbing shoes you might want to consider getting this pair in the same size as their street shoe size The NeoFriction rubber sole is also unique in that its moldedas opposed to the usual cutting from one sheet of rubberto the shoe in order to increase longevity and ensure traction on greasy plastic footholdsMomentum Climbing Shoe DWGAP3J

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