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Microshift M11 Bar End Shifter RightBombproof shifting meets modern techBar end shifters are simply one of the most reliable shifting options available. They're coveted by bikepackers and tourers alike for their bombproof design. MicroSHIFT's M11 Bar End Shifter is a great choice for riders in search of a bar end shifter but still want to be able to use a modern drivetrain and wide-range cassette. This bar end is specifically compatible with Shimano mountain 11-speed drivetrain systems. It features a precision machined aluminum build, ensuring it's built to last. The inclusion of the torque bolt allows you to adjust the shift effort to your preference. There's even support for index and friction modes if you want to go old-school. FeaturesBombproof design thanks to a simple internal designPrecision machined aluminum build is built to handle any adventureAdjustable shift effort thanks to the torque boltIndex and friction modesDrivetrain speed: 11Drivetrain compatibilityShimano mountain 11-speed | Microshift | M11 Bar End Shifter Right 11-Speed Mountain, Shimano DynaSys Compatible

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