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MicroShift Flat Bar Shifters MicroShift Flat Bar Shifters are just what the minimalist ordered! These low-profile thumb shifters are perfect for everything from your retro-inspired townie build to a bikepacking rig built to withstand the apocalypse. Simple operation and a classy, straightforward aesthetic are matched with efficient performance and the versatility of switching between friction or indexed shifting (for the rear shifter). The front shifter operates in a micro friction mode that works with both double and triple cranks. The rear shifter is dealers choice. Run it in friction for that classic feel or switch it into indexed for a precise modern shifting experience. Though these shifters are designed to work with modern 9 or 10 speed indexed drivetrains, setting them up in the friction only mode allows you to pair them with up 5-8 speed drivetrains as well. Features: Front Shifter: 2/3 speed micro-friction Rear Shifter: 9/10 speed indexed (select model in dropdown) or friction Bar clamp diameter: 22.2mm Clamp material: Aluminum cold forged / anodized Lever material: Aluminum cold forged / anodized Please note: Not compatible with 10 speed Shimano MTB components with Dyna-Sys cable pull. Claimed weight: 110g | Microshift Flat Bar Shifters Flat Bar Shifters 2/3 X 9 SPD, Shim MTN

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