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Metolius designed its Ultralight Fat Cam specifically for soft rock so you can send sandstone with the utmost confidence in your placements. This cam gets its soft-rock specificity from the longer lobes that offer more surface area than conventional cams meaning it doesn't shred up sandstone when you fall on it like most cams do. In spite of its fatness the Ultralight Fat Cam remains very light on your harness so you can climb without much weight. Its lightweight appeal is due to the Direct Axle Technology which places each lobe as close to one another as possible. This technology also helps you set each cam in tricky shallow and narrow placements with ease. Metolius made each cam with four wide lobes that increase its grip on the rock as opposed to conventional four-lobed designs and each lobe has a cam stop that helps it act passively like a stopper. CNC machined means each cam gives better precision so you don't fumble around when you're placing it. The U-shaped double stem is very durable and yet remains highly flexible for better control when you're placing it or your second is cleaning it. Each cam comes with a color-coded Monster sling for easier identification on the wall and the Range Finder lets you know whether you're placement is at the most minimum or maximum range available on the cam.

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