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After years of being confined to a desk in a dimly lit office, you bust out the office door in your Merrell Men's All Out Blaze 2 Mid Waterproof Boots, trading fluorescent lights and a swivel chair for a spruce log perched by the warm glow and circling smoke of a small campfire. With an air of self-satisfaction, you kick your boots up on the fire ring as the All Out Blazes' durable leather upper protects your feet from the heat, and the tongue bellows prevent flecks of ash lofting in the breeze from getting through to your flammable wool socks. Step into the darkness for another pile of dead-and-down logs with the waterproof, breathable membranes protecting your feet from mud, and the protective toe caps shielding your toes (and the leather and mesh uppers) from any stumps you stumble into as you make your way back to the light with a stack of wood.

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