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Secrets of the Sea Have you ever gazed at the sea and wondered what it would be like under the waves? Maybe you've even done a little scuba diving. Even if you've had a taste of the reefs and shells of the sands of the ocean, it's hard to stop your mind from turning deeper into the depths. We have to believe that there are mermaids down there somewhere. In fact, we also have to believe that they are having a good time. How much fun would it be to go to a dance club on a barrier reef? How great would it be to hang out with dolphins at brunch the next morning? We'd love to spend our time singing in secret sea caves and playing in wild waterfalls. And hey, maybe some time we'll find evidence of mermaids. But we're pretty sure that they're keeping to their selves because they don't want us trying to edge in on their lifestyles. Product Details These low-rise leggings have a shiny surface with a scale pattern. It pairs well with a variety of our mermaid accessories from our shell bras to the gorgeous mermaid wigs. Tipping the Scales These days, you can get the exact mermaid costume that you've been dreaming of. Mix and match our mermaid accessories and watch as you get your sea legs!

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