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FOR DUDES WHO DON'T DO SPANDEX Have you been properly introduced to 'meggings' yet? If not, we'll gladly give you the low-down on the newest style trend to hit the fashion industry. Meggings are essentially man-leggings. A pair of pants crafted from a blend of polyester and spandex, meggings allow dudes to feel dapper and comfy at the same time. It's a trend Spider-Man has rocked for awhile and he's glad the fashion community has finally wised up... or maybe he isn't. We tried reaching him for a comment but Spidey is a tricky guy to track down. Even though the heroic web-slinger is (probably) on board with man-leggings, it doesn't mean they're right for you. If you'd prefer to not be festooned in spandex from the waist down but wearing a Spider-Man approved costume is extremley important to you then the designers at OppoSuits have somehow used their spidey-senses to read your mind. (And most likely the minds of many, many men.) The Spider-Man suit allows suit-sporting gentlemen to dress like Spidey in the most sophisticated way possible. You'll look exactly like Peter Parker's alter ego without transforming your legs into sausage casings and well sir, that's as impressive as scaling a building (at least in our book anyway.) PRODUCT DETAILS Brought to you by the funky suit leaders, OppoSuits has now made it possible for men to look like a tailor-made version of Spidey. The slim-fit red suit jacket features a 2-button closure, faux pockets, and a stylish web print. The Marvel-blue pants fasten with an easy button and hook closure and there are front and back pockets as well. Complete the extraordinary ensemble with the matching necktie. (Included with the suit.) WITH GREAT STYLE COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY Showing up to your sister's wedding wearing the officially licensed Marvel suit might not be the best way to surprise her, however, its completely ideal to wear to bar crawls, social gatherings, and the office, especially if you work here.

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