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Santa's helpers come in all shapes and sizes; the elves aren't the only ones helping out the big guy. In fact, old Saint Nick has quite a production line going on up there and, just like any other small business owner, he simply can't do it all. It's not just a North Pole operation; Santa has gone global.We've all seen his 'Mall Crew'. You know, the ones that stand in for him at shopping malls around the world from the beginning of November straight through Christmas Eve. It may seem like an easy gig, but having little kids sit on your lap and repeatedly beg for the latest and greatest toy that manufacturers are currently pushing during Saturday morning cartoons harder than crack on a street corner is tough. The crying babies screaming bloody murder in your ear is even tougher.A few of the lesser known teams are the 'List Makers', the ones keeping tabs on all you naughty kids throughout the year, the 'Clean Up Crew', who magically make everything disappear mid-January, and the 'Party Crew'. Yes -- Santa has a whole team to get the party started. How did you think the 'Ugly Sweater' party trend started?! Usually, they sprinkle cheer on boring office parties and neighborhood get-togethers, but the whole ugly sweater thing just kinda took off. This crazy, patchwork suit and tie is their uniform and they rock it. You can, too.

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