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High there, buddy! Checking out this dank suit? You'll never look blunt in it. Whether you're going bowling, weeding the garden, or just sitting in your parents' basement, in this suit you'll be a tall glass of water when everyone else has cotton mouth. You'll always be best buds with the budtender if you wear this Men's OppoSuits Cannaboss Suit. Alternatively, feel free to simply wear this suit around the house. Making some kitchen kush? No problem! The simple act of wearing this suit will make your edibles turn out 10x better. While you're in there, go ahead and roll up your sleeves- rolling out that fatty for the rest of the party is gonna take a while. Smoking that fire flower, ganj, hash, kush, haze, or hybrid will be super trippy as you get lost in the leaf in your lungs and on your dope jacket. Your Men's OppoSuits Cannaboss Suit is the perfect formal wear for taking the good ole Mary Jane to the dance. You'll be just the right nectar at the party, looking like a full OZ of your favorite green. Being a recreational reefer has never been more stylish! Running sativas will never be more satisfying than when you're decked out in this shattering suit. When you're grabbing a zip with your buds you'll no doubt look like a 420/10.

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