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We Wish You a Mario Christmas Do you remember those days? You know, that magical day when you'd rush to the Christmas tree and grab the present that most looked like a Nintendo and viciously tore off all of the wrapping paper. With any luck, Santa had brought you a brand new video game console... along with Super Mario Bros! Then, you spend the rest of your winter break trying to guide Mario through his latest adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom. If only there was a way to capture the magic and excitement of a new Mario game at the holidays... Wait just a second! Those crazy people at Opposuits made this Merry Mario Suit to help you rekindle that classic feeling! Product Details Opposuits is devoted to creating the wildest and craziest suits, so you can mix your personality with your formal wear with ease! This Merry Mario Men's Suit comes with 3 pieces, a suit jacket, a pair of pants, and a necktie. Each item has a Mario themed print, which includes images of Mario, coins, Super Mushrooms. It also has snowflakes and Christmas trees to give it a festive twist. The jacket is a standard 2 button style jacket and has faux pocket flaps in front. The matching pants have belt loops at the waist and a zip-style fly in front. They also feature pockets in the front and a single back pocket. Finally, the necktie tops off the whole look. You need to tie this bad boy, so make sure that you know how to properly tie a tie! A Happy Nintendo Year When you wear this Mario Opposuit, it'll be like reliving your days of Christmas past! With a festive twist and a whole lot of Mario, it'll feel a little like the moment that opened your very first Nintendo!

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