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What makes Mavic's road tubeless package so spectacular is how easy it is to set up and how well it works on the road. To achieve this, Mavic developed the rim and tire in unison, ensuring that the fit is just right with very tight controls over the bead diameters and the Kevlar beads stretch just enough for easier mounting. So when the time comes to replace your tires, we highly recommend sticking with the original equipment Yksion Pro UST Tire and we're happy to report that they work quite well on other brand's rims as well. The Yksion UST tire is quite light and possesses some very low rolling resistance without impacting its grip. By eliminating the friction between the tire and inner tube, the tire can roll much faster and the setup with 30g of sealant is lighter than most clincher tire and tube setups. And, since you can get away with less pressure and not have to worry about a pinch flat, you can enjoy increased traction and comfort. The other crucial component of its roll fast/grip hard equation is its 11 Storm compound sitting on top of its supple 127 TPI casing. Lastly, to ensure that the tire can hold up to the day to day abuse of training, Mavic specs a nylon breaker under the tread that runs from bead to bead. Choose between 700x25mm or 700x28mm.

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