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Drop bar bikes are at a bit of a crossroads. Many appreciate the sleek lines of a skinny tire on an aero bike and all the speed and efficiency that represents. Others like a slightly plump tire on a frameset with relaxed geometry allowing for a little more versatility and the ability to explore some seldom-used roads. As of late, we've been finding ourselves in the "run as big of a tire your bike can fit" camp as they'll be fine, albeit a little slower to roll, on pristine tarmac, yet provide the traction and comfort for the gravel roads we find ourselves on more and more. That's where Mavic's tubeless-ready Yksion Elite Allroad Tire shines, rolling quickly on the road while getting out to where we really want to be, dabbling in the pleasures of all-terrain cycling. The Yksion Allroad's 30 and 35mm width uses a varied tread pattern that's catered for rides that transition from asphalt to less-than-pristine surfaces and back again. The relatively solid, fast rolling centerline gives way to shoulder treads designed with a bit more negative space in order to improve grip on surfaces that don't let the tire roll in a perfectly straight line. Gravel, dirt, even mucky or wet tarmac all fall under this Allroad category. The tire's single compound tread is supported with a nylon breaker spanning the distance between its tubeless beads, letting Mavic take advantage of the flat resistance of tubeless setups to forgo the extra expense of Kevlar.

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