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Just riding one bike over varying surfaces like asphalt, gravel, and singletrack, while on the same ride, is a ton of fun and it opens up the opportunity for choosing your own adventure. Not only does it break the monotony of riding the same terrain for hours on end, but it also means we don't always feel the need to hop in the car and drive to the trailhead. Of course, you'll want a tire on your bike that can handle it all and the Yksion Allroad XL is just such a versatile do-it-all tire. Engineered to roll with efficiency on hard surfaces, grip in the loose, and hold up to a ton of abuse, the Allroad XL is an ideal replacement for your Mavic Allroad wheels or any other tubeless wheel setup currently on your bike. The Allroad sits at a healthy 40mm wide, offering plenty of volume for low-pressure use to soak up washboard gravel and embedded baby head rocks. It uses a thick rubber compound and its tread pattern consists of deep grooves for sure grip when you need it without slowing your roll on packed surfaces. It features Mavic's UST tubeless ready technology meaning it has stringent controls over its bead seat diameter and the Kevlar bead's stiffness so it's extremely easy to set up on Mavic UST Wheel-Systems and we've had great luck with many other wheel brands we've tried as well. Along with the improvement in traction and grip that comes with tubeless, you'll appreciate the addition of the sealant that seals punctures and how it virtually eliminates pinch flats. The addition of a Kevlar breaker spanning from bead to bead further boosts this tire's protection shielding it from sharp flints and thorns, helping to ensure that your adventure keeps rolling while you're in the middle of nowhere.

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