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We have a mark for the official changing of seasons. Summer officially becomes winter when, at 10:00 am after the sun has come up, we're still comfortable wearing knit gloves like Mavic's Ksyrium Merino Gloves. We know it's finally spring when, at the same time of day, we're able to roll out into the bright March sunlight wearing knit merino gloves without the equivalent of a ski glove layered over them. It's easy to write knit gloves off as traditional nostalgia pieces, but the Ksyrium Merino Gloves are every bit as innovated as the latest Ksyrium UST wheels. They're sewn from individual panels to fit ergonomically without relying on stretch, which eliminates the tendency of traditional knit gloves to stretch till they're see-through at the knuckles and between the fingers. Incidentally, those are two of the areas where we want the most protection possible, and if light can slip through the fabric, you know cold air will have an even easier time. The gloves also feature an extended cuff, which bridges the gap of bare wrist that so many traditional gloves leave exposed. This ultimately increases the gloves' ability to keep your hands warm by protecting the supply lines that are brining heat from your core to your extremities. The gloves are finished with a pattern of silicone grip on the palms and fingers help ensure that bar feel won't suffer.

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