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Don't let yourself get stuck with soggy feet a few miles in just because the weather is a little drizzly -- don the Mavic Essential H20 Road Shoe Cover and keep those toes nice and dry. These water-savvy covers protect your feet from the rain and cold thanks to a thick waterproof neoprene construction that prevents water and wind from penetrating. Neoprene has a knack for insulating, and makes an ideal partner when trapping heat is a must. The covers are cut to fit snugly over your shoes, but features a cutout at the forefoot for your cleats, and heels for grip on foot. In back there is a hook-and-loop closure that extends to a high cuff, perfect for sealing the gap between your tights and socks, preventing water from sneaking in through the cracks. To finish off the covers, Mavic adds reflective highlights that improve visibility when the lighting is low.

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