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Instead of the traditional design of road helmets, the Mavic Women's Echappee Pro MIPS Helmet employs an ergonomic shape to enhance its overall comfort, as well as provide additional protection over the backside of your head. It's designed with blue straps and retention system for a touch of colorful personality, but without being flashy or overdone like others on the market. By now you're probably aware of MIPS, but we'll explain this leading impact-dissipating technology in a brief manner. Basically, this technology places a low-friction liner inside, which allows the helmet to rotate independently around your head, should you take a spill at an oblique angle with the asphalt, which is most likely to occur. This allows the helmet to dissipate rotational impact forces from being transmitted through the helmet, instead of just offering protection from head-on collisions like a traditional cycling helmet. Not only is it ergonomically contoured and enhanced with MIPS technology, but it sits precisely over your head with its head-conforming XRD foam liner, meaning it won't feel uncomfortable or create pressure points as you rack up long mileage on the road. These pads are embedded with 37. 5 technology, which is a heat-activated technology of charcoal fibers derived from coconut shells and volcanic sands. Ultimately, this technology allows built-up perspiration to rapidly evaporate from your head as you begin to sweat, meaning you won't succumb to overheating issues while pushing yourself at a swift cadence down the road.

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