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The Deemax Pro Men's Shoe occupies the top of Mavic's all-mountain hill, incorporating all of the technologies introduced sporadically throughout the rest of the brand's enduro line. There are certainly lighter, flashier shoes in the French giant's arsenal, but for all-day comfort and--perhaps more importantly--protection through rock gardens, root lattices, and the occasional over-cooked berm, the Deemax Pro carries the standard. On the outside, the Deemax Pro is all about unyielding resistance. From the reinforced fore and aft portions to the extended inner ankle, the shoes are built to absorb abuse from trail furniture. The sole is equally as unyielding, with Mavic's new Energy Grip AM Outsole providing grip on slick granite and stiffness on flat pedals. The sole ranks a 60 on Mavic's power transfer scale, placing it just below the decidedly less burly Crossmax Pro model. Inside, all of that bluster and burl turns to comfort, with Mavic incorporating padding throughout to help disperse impacts. Finally, a note on fit: In a rare move for a manufacturer, Mavic willingly calls out that the Deemax Pro fits smaller than usual, so the brand recommends that "you choose a size above your usual size."

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