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When the wind starts to howl or you're facing a downtown crit riddled with 90-degree corners turn to the CXR Ultimate 60 Tubular WTS Wheel for aerodynamic benefits that aren't stymied by a little adversity. It sacrifices 20mm of depth compared to its 80mm sibling, but it still possesses all of the other wind-cheating characteristics that define the CXR line, recommending it for criteriums, TT's, triathlons, road races, or as a versatile platform that can transition between virtually every road discipline. Mavic starts with full 3k carbon fiber to shape the CXR 60's rims, ensuring rigidity and reliable power transfer. This includes a full carbon braking surface, which is a rarity in Mavic's line and is designed to work specifically with the softer, CXR carbon-specific brake pads. Mavic considered both the wheel and rim profile when designing the CXR 60 rather than the rim alone, as its key focus with the CXR series was achieving truly integrated system rather than a rim and tire working independently of one another. Mavic's engineers paid close attention to the points of contact the wheels have with the air in the front portion of the rim, accounting for differences by shaping each independently to guarantee improved laminar airflow over the entire rim. Though the profiling is impressive, Mavic's use of its CX01 blades to seamlessly integrate the wheel and tire is what truly sets the wheel apart from its less-integrated peers. The system involves rings that snap in place in the small area between the wheel and tire to eliminate gaps and ridges in the transition from carbon to rubber. The uninterrupted plane smooths laminar airflow around this often troublesome gap, reducing drag and encouraging the air to flow uninterrupted over the entire system. The front rim features radial lacing, and Mavic paired it with the proven tubular Griplink tire for a focus on traction, rolling at 127 TPI. In a bid to save grams and increase hub stiffness, Mavic replaced the usua...

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