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Mavic Crossride 12x142mm to 135mm QR Conversion Kit On today's MTB frame, there are many dropout diameters and width standards. Most Mavic wheels can be fixed with specific adapters to match those frames. Use this adapter to convert your Mavic rear wheel from a 12x142mm thru-axle to a 9.5x135mm QR quick release. The adapters slip into the inner axle ends and stays in place with an o-ring. Note: Compatible only with 2012 models and newer. 12x142mm to 9.5x135mm QR. Mavic part #30873101. Compatible with: 2012 Crossmax SLR, 2012 Crossmax ST, 2012 Crossmax SX, 2012 Deemax Ultimate 12x135, 2013 Crosstrail, 2013 Crossride 29, 2013 Crossride 15/12mm, Crossroc, Crossroc XL. | Mavic Crossride 142/12 to 135QR Kit Black, 9.5

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