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With beefy axle widths moving past the domain of slacked-out gravity tanks and finding their way to even the lightest cross-country frames, Mavic is ready to outfit your new Boost-equipped XC rig with its Crossmax Elite WTS 27. 5in Boost Wheelset. Featuring Mavic's Interspoke Milling 4 Dimensions (ISM 4D), this wheelset boasts a lightweight rim that spins up fast over almost any terrain and a hubset that jumps the second you drop power into the pedals. The better spoke bracing angle of Boost axles makes the whole wheel system even stiffer, improving the ride in terms of efficient climbing and cat-on-carpet tracking through terrain. The rims feature Inter Spoke Milling 4 Dimensions (ISM 4D), the latest iteration of one of Mavic's signature design pieces. It involves milling the unnecessary material from a rim to eliminate grams and reduce rotational mass along the wheel's circumference. The original ISM milling was limited to the rim's inner face. It's successor, ISM 3D, expanded that treatment to the sidewalls, and ISM 4D takes things a step further, smoothing the rim's transitional angles as much as possible while maintaining its structural integrity. The result is a net 15% reduction in claimed weight without sacrificing stiffness or durability, as well as increased aerodynamic benefits with a reduction in potential footholds for the wind to catch on. While Mavic's ISM 4D keeps rotational mass low, the Instant Transfer System 4 (ITS-4) rear hub ensures that all that efficiency isn't wasted by sluggish, unresponsive engagement. ITS-4 is a four-pawl system that alternates engagement between two pairs of pawls. Since both pairs engage at different points in the freehub's rotation, the gap between engagement points falls to just 7. 5 degrees of free play. This quick engagement is noticeable while sprinting out of corners and surging for position in mass starts, and it also shines on technical climbs that require you to pick through trail furniture and pop over r...

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