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Charge into the blusteriest of days in the Mavic Cosmic Pro Wind Long-Sleeve Jersey, with super lightweight construction that cuts through icy wind like a hot knife through butter. The Cosmic Pro Wind Jersey is ideal for cool days in the shoulder-seasons when temperatures aren't too cold, but the winds are whipping. It uses 2. 5-layer membrane construction to protect you from the wind, while maintaining maximum breathability to pull sweat away on big climbs, leaving your skin desert dry for descents ahead. Mavic's engineers employ their 37. 5 Technology on the Cosmic Pro Wind Jersey, which is designed to attract humidity outwards with active particles, and absorb body heat to accelerate evaporation, and breathability. This translates to a fabric that's always working to keep you dryer, so you don't have to worry about a sweaty alpine climb leading to a wet and chilly canyon descent. The jersey is cut with Mavic's Pro Fit, for a form-fitting style that's akin to summer weight jersey, so there's minimal wind flapping, or cold air pockets, though there's still enough room for your favorite base layer underneath on days when temperatures take a dip. The sleeves are designed with a new, bonded cuff construction that fits snug against your wrist, sealing the gap between jersey and gloves so you can keep heat trapped inside, and keep the cold out. Making sure things aren't so snug that you can't move, there are two side panels with a little extra stretch to give you increased range of motion for staying comfortable on the bike.

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