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Rolling into spring season with a mid-season level of power doesn't happen by sitting on the couch with snacks all winter, instead its best achieved by a winter of dedication. That means getting out in blustery winter winds, come rain or shine, committing to the base miles, and the Mavic Cosmic Pro Wind Bib Tights are there to make it just a little bit easier. With windproof construction and a soft, brushed lining, you'll find your gams wrapped up in a warm hug, shielding you from the elements so you can pedal on comfortably when the weather is anything but pleasant. The Cosmic Pro Wind Bib Tights are built with 3-layer construction, featuring a stretch-membrane of Warm Shell ST that offers top level wind protection on the front of your legs, and a DuPont Teflon coating that repels water, oil, and dirt, so you can stay dry from storms and wheel spray alike. The inside is soft and fleecy, trapping your body heat within its matrix of fibers so your legs stay warm through the ride. The bibs are cut to be form-fitting, with a pre-shaped pattern that reduces bulk when you're in your riding position, and wide strips that keep the bibs wrinkle free, minimizing pockets to trap cold air, or get caught in the wind. The bottom of the leg uses a foot-loop construction that seals tightly around your sock and shoe, eliminating gaps for a chill to make its way through, so it's easier to stay warm. Staying warm will only get you so far if your sit bones are aching though, so Mavic equips the Cosmic Pro Wind Bib Tights with the Ergo 3D Pro insert to offer you relief from hard saddles on sensitive zones. The Ergo 3D chamois uses 5 layers of foam to build the perfect amount of support for your sit bones, and relief for the more sensitive zones. It uses a combination of AirCell and Memory foams mapped out to provide the most support where it's needed, less where it isn't, and aims to minimize weight and bulk, so you don't feel like you're carrying an extra saddle inside of your bi...

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