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While tubeless setups have taken off in far the distant land of mountain bikes, they've had a much slower reveal on the road side of things. Maybe it's due to roadies' affinity for tradition. Maybe it's a bit of stubbornness. Or maybe we just needed the reassurance of the industry's first tubeless crafters to step into the market and fulfill the big promises that a tubeless setup grants without the massive pain of setup that we've seen from other tubeless designs. And so we're eager, excited, and (admittedly) maybe a little too giddy to get our hands on the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST TDF Wheel. This particular version of the stalwart Cosmic Pro celebrates the passion of the Tour with an intricate graphics package that honors the race, pays homage to Mavic's rich history, and adds just a splash of yellow, a color that's very important to both the brand and the Tour. This lightweight wheelset takes road tubeless to the next level. As with most tubeless setups, it reduces weight, puncture potential, and PSI for less rolling resistance and more comfort. The deviation comes in ease of installation: the tires pop-on without tire levers and inflate without a compressor, CO2, or high-volume floor pump. Just use the same beat-up old pump you've been repairing the hose on for years, though we do recommend sticking with Mavic's UST-specific tires, which come stock on the rims. Some of us were under the impression that Mavic was sitting on the backburner while the road tubeless scene started to boom, but with the unveiling of Road UST, it's evident that we couldn't have been more wrong. Instead, it's apparent that there was a certain level of patience and discipline exhibited while Mavic's engineers were hard at work perfecting the technology, prioritizing safety and ease of use before release. The result is a tire and rim interface that was designed in conjunction with one another, harnessing all of the benefits of tubeless that we crave, like lower rolling resistance a...

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