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We can't imagine the thought of riding our mountain or gravel bikes without a tubeless setup, and after spending some time on a road setup, our thoughts are the same there too. We feel that when more road cyclists get the opportunity to try out road tubeless, they'll be on board as well and with excellent options like the Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc Wheel, a whole new generation of cyclists will experience the brilliance of tubeless. We love Mavic's particular UST tubeless protocol because it brings the usual benefits of lower pressure for better ride comfort and traction, and it installs in a way that doesn't involve swearing, bloody knuckles, and a puddle of sealant. This version of the Cosmic Pro uses an all new 45mm profile wheel and we're expecting that it'll follow suit with the previous version of the Cosmic with a multitude of race podiums and Tuesday night World Championship bragging rights to its name. Some of us were under the impression that Mavic was sitting on the backburner while the road tubeless scene started to boom, but with the unveiling of Road UST, it's evident that we couldn't have been more wrong. Instead, it's apparent that there was a certain level of patience and discipline exhibited while Mavic's engineers were hard at work perfecting the technology, prioritizing safety and ease of use before release. The result is a tire and rim interface that was designed in conjunction with one another, harnessing all of the benefits of tubeless that we crave, like lower rolling resistance and puncture resistance, and skipping the downside that has most cyclists complaining, tire installation. Since road tires require much higher pressures and sit on narrower rims, the tolerances were tighter than on MTB wheels, so Mavic took its time until total satisfaction was achieved, with less than a millimeter of tolerance on the tire that assures you the tire will go on with ease, and stay on. Of course, some of us found frustration from this level of perfe...

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