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Satisfying the needs of cyclists competing in grueling road races and embarking on high-octane training rides on a regular basis, the Mavic Men's Cosmic Elite Cycling Shoe combines an ultra-lightweight, form-fitting upper with plentiful stiffness underfoot to maximize power on daunting climbs and out-of-saddle sprints toward the finish line. Sleek uppers wrap your feet with the quick spin of Mavic's Ergo Dial QR, which provides a micro-adjustable fit without excessive movement sapping power output or nasty pressure points sidelining your training and racing ambitions. This micro-adjustable upper dial is complemented with Mavic's Ergo Straps along the mid and forefoot regions for a secure fit without your foot lifting under power. They're made of burly Kevlar material to ensure longevity without premature ripping or fraying. Sitting at the heart and soul of this lightweight racing shoe is Mavic's Energy Carbon Comp sole, which is comprised of carbon with the rest of the sole made of composite glass fiber and nylon for increased comfort. Not only does this carbon-clad sole maximize power transfer, but it's not overly stiff like some full-carbon soles on the market, meaning you'll remain comfortable across longer distances.

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