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When the skies clear, the rain dries, and summer truly arrives, you know you're in for months of soaring temperatures. Instead of dealing with precipitation or cold, your rides become about managing heat to stay out as long as you can. As you get ready to go out for a morning ride, push aside the spring kit in your drawer and reach for Mavic's Cosmic Bib Short instead. Mavic designed this ultralight bib short for summer's most sweltering days. Featuring a breathable but supportive Lycra construction, the Cosmic will stabilize your muscles in the saddle while making sure you don't overheat. Other features, like its 3D open mesh and low-profile bib conspire to save weight and bulk and allow for maximum cooling allowing the airy mesh to allow for ventilation and air intake. Mavic's Ergo Elite 3D insert uses three different density and six different thickness memory foam for progressive cushioning and excellent vibration damping for long-lasting comfort and support.

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