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Building a safe, lightweight, aerodynamic, and breathable helmet is no easy task, however, it's a little more manageable to hit those goals when you have the right experience and access to high-quality materials and that's exactly what you get with the Comete Ultimate MIPS Helmet from Mavic. With a shape honed in the wind tunnel, this quick road helmet slices through the wind giving you an edge during fast training and on race day with plenty of comfort and added safety features.Aero helmets often come with a few penalties, namely extra weight and lack of ventilation, but not so with the Comete. At just 215g, it's as light as they come and its refined aero shape optimized to reduce drag in wind tunnel testing offers an advantage when off the front or during sprints while its airflow channels and vents offer maximum ventilation on the climbs. Comfort wasn't overlooked either and it features the unique Live Fit SL technology, providing an adaptive fit without extra weight thanks to its XRD memory foam that molds to your head shape, along with an innovative new Autofit strap system using lighter, simpler webbing that won't twist or interfere with your ears and a perfect chin strap adjustment. Of course, any helmet worth its salt needs to be safe and Mavic claims that its EPS-4D technology provides 30% better shock absorption than standard EPS construction. Furthermore, it uses the latest MIPS system, which can help reduce the rotational forces transferred to the brain from angled impacts in a crash with its low-friction inner layer.

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