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Beyond the roads most traveled, there lies an untapped sense of adventure that waits to be explored, though getting there can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Elite road bikes just aren't built to tackle the rough back roads, laced with gravel and grit, and your mountain bike will leave you overloaded with unnecessary suspension -- not to mention weight. And this is, unsurprisingly, where gravel and cross bikes fall into the mix, with enough room for loftier tires, wider rims, and the comforts that keep us going for miles, like the Mavic Allroad Elite UST Tubeless Disc Wheelset. Capturing the spotlight in a niche, the Allroad Elite UST combines Mavic's award winning tubeless UST technology with powerful, lightweight rims to propel you down graded gravel paths and rustic country farm roads with a tire to rim seal that's debatably flawless. Mavic may have been late to take on tubeless in narrower rim applications, but we're pretty sure it was a matter of being patient for perfection. Instead of tossing a tubeless rim on the market to battle with the masses, designers at Mavic took their sweet time, ensuring that you can achieve not just lower tire pressures and increased flat protection, but do so without the grueling effort of installing and seating a tubeless time on your rim. This was done by designing the tire and rim together as a unit, which results in a tire that fits flawlessly, with tool-free installation, and a snug fit that you can count on holding up when you're sending it down a steep dirt road with a sharp left hook at the bottom. The Allroad Elite UST wheelset graces you with many of the design features of the pricier Allroad Pro, but shaves the price down under the four-digit zone by carrying on with a bit more material, resulting in a weight that scales in only 90-grams heavier than its pricier counterpart. The rims are crafted from Maxtal -- a proprietary aluminum alloy specific to Mavic, designed to offer a better strength to weight ratio than s...

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