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The Mammut Smarter Belay Package X pairs the assisted braking Smart 2. 0 with a locking carabiner and a Smarter accessory that helps beginning climbers learn how to belay properly. Unlike most spring-loaded, assisted braking devices, the Smart 2. 0 Belay Device naturally assists braking whether you're lowering or catching a climber, providing more reliable efficiency from start to finish. The Smarter accessory attaches to the top of the Smart 2. 0 in order to keep the rope properly oriented at all times. It does not inhibit the Smart 2. 0's natural belay performance in any way, so a teacher how to use it with or without the accessory. Mammut made the Smart HMS Locking Carabiner for the Smart 2. 0, specifically the carabiner's gate that eliminates the possibility cross-loading mid-belay. It features a standard screw lock, and the gate can only close when the screw gate is completely locked.

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