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An extremely durable rope made for indoor lead climbing. The 9.9 mm Gym rope has been designed to withstand the hard abuse of intensive indoor lead climbing. It has an optimized sheath construction which offers a very fine and smooth surface. The yarns are better incorporated into the sheath and because of the smooth structure, the rope is less prone to abrasion. The fine sheath construction also makes it easy to handle. Features: - Sheath proportion: 39% - UIAA falls (single rope 80 kg): 8-9 - Impact force: 8.5 - Diameter: 9.9mm - UIAA dry test: 46% - Stretch at 80 kg: 6.5% - Stretch on first fall: 31% - Weight: 65g/m - Length: 40 meters - Only available to ship within the USA

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