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Whether the bike leg is the one you live for or the part you dread most, you need a shoe that can help you hasten the transitions and transfer power. Louis Garneau updates their mid-range tri shoe with an improved double-strap design, allowing you to fine-tune the fit for greater comfort during the bike leg. The wider entry point makes transitions easier, while the breathable upper and insole helps moisture evaporate for less friction while you pedal. Returning features include a carbon composite sole, which provides a stiff but not too rigid platform for your efforts. The Tri X-Speed IV is less stiff and a few grams heavier than the X-Lite tri shoe, so it strikes a balance for those athletes either newer to the sport or looking for a more comfortable option. The sole is compatible with both 2- and 3-bolt cleats, allowing you to use the pedals with which you're most familiar.

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