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When winter hands you its worst weather, we're fans of making the most of it and hopping on a fat bike for some snowy adventures -- but you'd be foolish to do so without the right gear to start. Bulky denim gets wet and heavy, and down-packed jackets seem like a good idea until you start breaking a sweat on a climb, but with Louis Garneau's Modesto Hoodie Jacket you can rest assured that you're prepped with the right shell for cardio in the frosty beyond. The Modesto Hoodie Jacket is built to fight the elements, without the extra bulk, thanks to its Diamond Air 2. 0 body that keeps wind and snow at bay without heavy weight construction, and a DWR coating that keeps rain sliding off as you ride. AirFit Mesh underarm panels offer a place to ditch heat when you start breaking a sweat on climbs, and a little extra length in spray. In case your ride takes you on the road when you're making you way back home, Garneau completes the Modesto Jacket with reflective accents on the front, sleeves, and back to help you stay visible.

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