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We've all been there. Maybe it's on mile five, maybe it's on mile fifty. As you're cranking briskly down the road, your leg starts to seize up and spasm uncontrollably, causing you to dismount in a mixture of pain and bewilderment. Eliminating this cramping from much of your riding experience, the Louis Garneau Men's Course LGneer Race Bib Short supports hard-working muscles to prevent the painful cramping and seizing when you're pushing yourself to the limit of exhaustion. LGneer and CB Lazer Rev fabrics improve muscle functioning and blood flow with their compressive characteristics, meaning hard-working leg muscles won't have the inclination to painfully cramp when you're pushing forward at full-blast. Both fabrics benefit from a Coldblack finish that reflects UV rays from heating up the short despite its dark color. This equates to cool-wearing comfort on sunny days, much as you'd experience with a lightly colored cycling garment. Besides being highly supportive, the Course LGneer Race Bib Short takes its slipstream profile from the aerodynamic gurus at Alphamantis, which is dedicated to testing the kits of professional racing teams looking to shave split-seconds from their race times. Aero touches like laser-finished hems and a near-seamless design cut through the air with a slippery profile. LG outfitted this bib short with multi-directional support that doesn't compromise comfort with its 5Motion chamois. This is one of the most sophisticated chamois in LG's line, comprised of high-density, perforated memory foam with 3D, pre-shaped wings for greater range of motion. Beveled Edge Molding eliminates the drastic changes in density, meaning it'll feel more uniform and smooth without pinching or pressure points. The top layer employs carbon-infused fibers that not only wick moisture, but also repel the build-up of odor-causing bacteria.

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