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Louis Garneau shoes fly a little off of most people's radarwhich is a shame because it always packs a ton of innovative features anddesigns. Its newest top-tier shoe, the Course Air Lite II Shoe, is one that we'resuper excited about building on Garneau's stiffest sole and the X-Comfort Zoneupper which provides exceptional adaptability for all foot sizes at the frontof the shoe. Garneau starts off with a racer fit that fits the footsnugly and reduces the stack height to the pedal. The high-density microfiberupper helps improve the power transfer and is seamless so there's no pressurepoints or hot spots for improved comfort. What makes these shoes the mostinteresting is the Boa IP1-S closure which tightens the laces on multipleanchoring points for a near custom fit. Think comfort and adjustability oflaces with the convenience and security of a dial closure. The Boa TX system isan under-lace woven system prevents road grime from getting into the guides andimproves aerodynamics. Returning feature include the stiff Powerzone system onthe central part of the shoe, which wraps around the foot eliminating anymovement when you are pulling up on the pedals. The included Transfo 3D insolehas 3 adjustable arch wedges that allow you to choose the level of support youneed. Titanium inserts fit all 3-hole road cleats and help bring the weightdown to an amazing 222 grams for a size 42 shoe. The Course Air Lite II Shoe offersexcellent comfort, high performance, and impressive ventilation at the lowestweight.

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