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We live for the miles we spend on the bike, but sometimes the weather outside just doesn't permit us to hit the road. When trainer season rolls around, we find that we always drench our favorite gear in sweat, and while we can toss jerseys and shorts into the wash, shoes are not quite that easy. That's why Louis Garneau offers us the perfect, extra-breathable option for hitting spin classes or spending miles on the trainer inside with their Actifly Cycling shoes for women. With more vents than you thought you could need, these keep sweat pulling away so that you can keep feeling fresh, even if you're in a dingy basement staring at a computer while grueling through your training routine. Since the emphasis of the Actifly is breathability, Louis Garneau opted for an almost entirely mesh upper, with some synthetic leather holding the shape together and adding support. The internal lining is also mesh, with a honeycomb construction designed to, you guessed it, breathe. Collectively with both a mesh upper and lining the shoes continually wick away sweat and dry to keep you feeling fresh, but if that wasn't enough, they are also treated with anti-odor technology to help you feel clean from start to finish. A nylon-injected fiberglass outsole provides you with the stiff support you want when you're putting down the power, but does offer a bit more torsional flex than a carbon fiber sole does. The outsoles also feature a breathability boost, with ventilation throughout to keep your feet cool and dry, avoiding the dreaded hot-foot. Not all of us are blessed with the same pedal setup indoors and outdoors, and if we're heading to a new spin class who knows what they be running on their bikes, which is why Louis Garneau designs the Actifly to be compatible out of the box with nearly any clipless pedal you'll find on the market. The shoes come along with steel inserts that allow you to run either 2-bolt mountain cleats, or 3-bolt road cleats, and with just a few turns of a ...

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