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LIQUID FORCE JETT 2016Riders looking to push the envelope and advance should look no further than the JETT wakeboard This board feels solid and comfortable beneath your feet as you continue your progression... It's a go getter with a 3Stage Hybrid Rocker to get you were you need to go Cable lovers will be happy to see that it's also available in a GRIND version, so go big knowing your board is designed to sustain the beating you give it. Continual progression awaits you with the JETTWinged Rail Shape Side slots for extra bite in the flats and quicker release off the wake.Double Concave VTail This tail design controls water flow through ends for extra thrust and lift.Molded In, Canted Long Base Side Fins The large inside face of these fins allows for unbelievable hold, while the low outside profile keeps hang ups at a minimum.Three Stage, Hybrid RockerDISC Hull through the CenterVariable Edge Rail

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