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Lightweight and easy to transport, the Star Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak makes hooking into fish in remote places easy. With an innovative design for superior tracking and plenty of ready-to-rig attachment points, the Pike is the ultimate adventure angling craft. Rigid drop-stitch floor insert gives you a stable and comfortable position above the water Unique rigid keel inserts in the bow and stern provide outstanding tracking and stability Top-quality valves ensure trouble-free inflation and deflation Five YakAttack SwitchPad Flexible Surface Mounts Stern compartment is designed to fit a milk crate or tackle bag Aluminum-framed suspended-mesh seat elevates anglers for optimal visibility and easier standing Collapsible seatback for easy transport Stern fin plate accommodates interchangeable fins 3-year manufacturer retail warranty (2-year commercial warranty) Please Note: Some brands may not be shipped internationally. This item can only be shipped to U.s. addresses. We would love to ship the item, please be sure the address provided upon checkout is within the U.s. Otherwise, we will contact you via email to advise that your order has been canceled due to the shipping restriction.

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