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Pet Sitting Your little one's been asking for a dog, but if you've seen Lilo and Stitch, you know how that could turn out (although, honestly, it turns out pretty well in the end, even though there's still a good amount of destruction along the path to Happily Ever After). Still, you've always had a soft spot for the...less conventional...animals, and so you go to the shelter and adopt not one, but five of the more ragtag pets to call your own. How lovely! Your girl is thrilled! This Lilo and Stitch Glitter Decal will look great in your car or house window and will announce to the world that you are a family that doesn't judge a dog by its fur. Who knows, you may even find a new passion for pet sitting, and will start a business caring for people's pets! Whatever you do with your new furry family, this sparkly stick-on shows your love of Lilo Stitch's strong morals, fun oceanside vibe, and of course, its hilarious star character, Stitch (who's also cute and fluffy)! Product Details Before your new pets get to building San Francisco out of blocks (to destroy), remind them that Stitch already played that card. In fact, when they look to see this 4x8 Disney decal in the window, they'll be reminded that there is almost no mischief they can make that hasn't been tried (and thwarted) before! Ohana Means Family And family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. So, maybe there's room for those last few pups you saw at the shelter? Stitch would want it that way!

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