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Ahhhhh! Kill it! Kill it with fire! Sorry about that, it's just that this anglerfish hat looks like something straight out of one of our nightmares. It's based on the creepy looking aquatic creature the anglerfish and just look at it! Those long dagger-like teeth. Those dead soulless eyes. That bioluminescent little doo-dad on its head. Which is why when we saw it, our initial reaction was to get rid of it like the horrid monster it is. Of course, if you're the kind of person who likes that sort of creepy deep-sea marine life stuff, then perhaps this light-up Jawesome hat is right for you. Despite looking like the aquatic death-beast that haunts your nightmares, it's actually made out of soft materials and fits comfortably on your head. It even has a little light up doo-dad (we're told the correct term for that thing is actually the esca or illicium).

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